Dance Movement Therapy - & Exercise and Health Psychology
Movement initiates sensations, thoughts and emotions....  Sensations initiate movement....
                                                      Fremantle, W. Australia
                   Removing the expectation
                   Inviting what needs to be
                   Tackling the unknown
                   Using the power of the body
                   Actualizing in motion
                   Letting the wisdom arrive
Capacity exists between 
the moments of rigidity
Multiplying it, magnifying it
Decreasing it, diminishing it
I sustain in the seeing
By knowing and releasing
my own postures and rigidity
I take in and I am taken in
MoMo Dance Theatre:
Crossing the Line
I am invited
by your mindful eyes
To the presence of my body’s intricate language
I am standing and breathing
Breathing out the expectation
to be something else than what I am
I am surprised by my fists
my fingers pressing strongly against the skin of my palms
I am touching my face
feeling the tension in my jaw
I am letting go
lowering to the floor
I am lying down
feeling my bones, tendons, muscles and skin
against the cool floor
I move my arms and legs lying on the floor,
I think I am a bird or a butterfly
-which ever-
but I feel integrated and whole
in my torso, my pelvis connecting my legs
to my lower back, ribcage and sternum,
my arms fanning out like flexible wings
I push myself backwards
I know
there is a wall behind me
I push against it, feeling the straightness, hardness and coldness with my skull
I can rest
I am safe right here and now
surrounded by walls,
by this rectangular room,
by this building
I am aware of myself trying to let go off everything
resting and breathing as I need
I am here
You are here
We are here
That is everything I need
Right now, here
Krishnamurti Centre (BC)
The path home
with strangers
Always unknown
but takes you
where you
need to be
if you trust
the direction
the speed
What it takes is
the presence
giving your body-soul
to the strangers
in you
Kuusaa (Finland)
               Lake Päijänne, Finland
What if the standard is stiffness and jerkiness –
how awkward fluidity and flow would seem
What if the system moves the best as a chunk –
how complicated the isolated and segmented body movements would seem
What if the level of comfort is best expressed and experienced on the floor –
how alien and threatening the upright would seem
What if constrained, light, direct and sudden movements are “the home” –
how impossible and uninviting the free, strong, indirect and sustained would seem
What if one has always been assisted when changing a level in space –
how unsafe and scary the independent movement journey would seem
Naramata (BC)
Today we walk
in the texture
of the gentle wind
the shape
of our steps
Today we walk
the length of the moment
enters the mind
the skin
of our souls
Today we walk
into ourselves
cells vibrating
vision centered
the invisible scars
Today we walk
the tree branches and the tall grass
the present moment
myself in transition
                  Metchosin (BC)
You see me
when I leave
when I return
You hear me
when I am roaring
when I am silent
You give me space
to leave
to return
to roar
to be silent
You are my circle
in movement
in sound
in holding
the sacred
space and time
        Photo: D. Dines